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Why It Is Important To Stay Sun Safe When Working In The Garden

Working in the garden is something that many people find relaxing and a lot of people take up as a hobby. However, not all of these people are aware of why they need to be sun safe while working in the garden. If you are spending a lot of time in your garden, you need to know about this and take the right steps to ensure that you are safe.

Avoiding Sun Burn

One of the reasons why you need to stay sun safe while working in the garden is to avoid sun burn. Sun burn can be very painful and if you are not careful could result in more serious burns which require medical treatment. It is important to note that there are some people who suffer from sun burn faster than others and you need to know your own tolerance.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to stay safe and avoid sun burn. The first step you should take is to use sunscreen which is SPF 30 at least. This cream will block approximately 97% of the harmful UV rays that come from the sun. However, you do have to take the time to check if the sunscreen blocks both UVB and UVA rays.

Avoiding Skin Cancer

Another major reason why you need to be sun safe when working in the garden is to avoid skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by the UV rays that come with the sun. While sunscreen is a good preventative step, you need to take others as well.

One of the steps that you have to take is to look at the UV index for the day you want to work in the garden. If the index is higher than 3, you should limit the time you spend outside, preferably not working in your garden on these days. You also need to work in the shade when you can because sunscreen can only do so much.

There are a lot of people who feel that if they already have sun burn, they can skip the sunscreen. This will make your skin more susceptible to skin mutations such as skin cancer. When working in the garden you also need to take breaks outside of direct sunlight and wear clothing that offers UPF protection.

You should also regularly have your skin checked for cancer signs by a professional, especially as you get older. There are many skin cancer clinics like My Skin Centre in every city.

Avoiding Dehydration

Too much exposure to the sun can cause dehydration. This is due to the fact that the sun heats the body which causes you to sweat. The sweat depletes the amount of water in the body and this causes dehydration over time. The best step that you can take to avoid this is to remain hydrated.

You need to keep drinking water while you work in your garden. You should avoid sugary drinks as they will not provide you with the same level of hydration that water does. Keeping your bottle of water in a shaded area will also ensure that you drink more because no one wants to drink warm water when they are working in the garden.


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