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How To Add Luxury To Your New Home Design

Today’s homeowners desire to live, host and raise families in homes that provide luxurious and homely experiences. To that end, they have become increasingly discerning and will readily discriminate based on the subtlest variations. Investing in the perfect address is not all that’s needed to get you there. It takes more than that. Let’s look at a few areas to consider.

1. Gate

The gate will give the first impression, that impression should make your guests want to go beyond the gate and discover more. It must also, above all else, give a sense of security and establishment.

2. Driveway

Your driveway will play a very big role in the aesthetics and appeal of your new home. Your home will appear upscale and affluent even from the outside. Remember, a winding driveway is especially intriguing.

3. Lawn

A neatly manicured lawn lush with greenery and flower gardens will give your new home such a grand feel of serenity, tranquility, and elegance. Garden furniture in homes has caught on and is becoming a must-have for luxury homes, you cannot afford to leave them out. With a good landscaper, your other aspects can be added to your new home. From fish ponds to swimming pools.

4. Marble

Marble (and other luxury materials) on surfaces, walls and on the floor is also another interesting way to give character to your home. Stately statement. This can be employed in the bathroom, kitchen and virtually every other room.

5. Lighting

Lighting plays very well with aesthetics and perception. Lighting can be manipulated in very many different ways to achieve different results. Garden lights also give lawns a lavish feel. Too much of this is however discouraged.

6. Doors

Work on your front door as you would your own smile. It is your house’s smile! It should be beautiful, welcoming, bold but not imposing. Just like the gate your front door should also give a sense security.

7. Home Security

Security can often be compromised where aesthetics is favored, technology has however rounded that out. Install security door controls in place of anti-burglar doors.

8. Bathroom

After a day’s toil, everyone will want to soak in a bubbly tub to unwind. A spacious bathroom complete with a tub, steam room, massage table are luxuries to not overlook. The bathroom should have warm colors that will ease you into a relaxed mood. Steam proofed music system is a great add-on.

9. Dressing room

A walk-in dressing room is a great luxury to not add to your new home. It is a great way of keeping the bedroom just that, a bedroom. Investing in floor to ceiling mirrors for your dressing room is also a fantastic idea and besides the functionality, it gives the illusion of great spaces in your dressing room.

Remember you are only limited by your imagination where you are customizing and where you aspire to impress yourself and perhaps others too. You and your family will spend most of your times together or alone in your home. Comfort is king

Modern backyard with swimming pool in Australian mansion

Why You Should Consider A Two-Storey Home

People investing in first or second homes usually find it hard to fit all of the space and amenities they need in today’s smaller lots. Most of them do not want to give up the luxuries they like but realise that a sprawling house on an open floor plan may mean giving up lawn space or the beautiful view from their new house. Well, the solution is usually to build up instead of out. There are numerous benefits to building a double storey house that many potential homeowners may not be aware of.

More Living Space in a Relatively Small Sq. Footage

By building a house that is double storey, you can get twice the usable space without eating as much on the outdoor area you love. That simply means that you can either by a smaller plot and still get to enjoy an expansive living space, or buy a generous piece of land and have a spacious yard for anything from a gazebo to a swimming pool.

Enjoy Nature’s Heating and Cooling

Staying cool is particularly easier when you live in a double storey home as you can capture and take advantage of the breezes. Opening the windows and allowing nature to cool your home means that you will spend less on air conditioning while getting more fresh air. Many homeowners say that they tend to get better sleep and rest when they keep the windows open at night. A double storey home also has more outside walls than an open level plan which may not allow for proper air circulation since the primary living areas have limited windows or none at all. On the other hand, having two floors stacked together gives additional insulation for the ground during the colder months. That means you will use less energy to heat the kitchen, dining and living room as the top floor will act as an insulator. Also, since heat rises, the rooms upstairs will remain cosy even on the coldest days.

Keeping Family and Private Areas Separated

A double storey home allows you to keep your private rooms separate from the rest of the household. Second-floor bathrooms and bedrooms enable family members to have a privacy haven, where guests will not infringe on. If you work at home, you can have a private office upstairs as the kids enjoy themselves in the living room downstairs. Also, the kids can have the peace they require when they have to go bed early without the grownups having to keep the volume down, their conversations at a minimum or having to tiptoe around. When entertaining friends, it can be relaxing to know that what you do will not disrupt anyone upstairs. This additional privacy is also advantageous for anyone who prefers others not to use his or her bathroom or enter their bedroom.

When you are ready to invest in your dream house, consider the many benefits presented by a two storey home design. You will have all the space and amenities you want and even extra money for those personal items that make a house truly a home.