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Why It Is Important To Stay Sun Safe When Working In The Garden

Working in the garden is something that many people find relaxing and a lot of people take up as a hobby. However, not all of these people are aware of why they need to be sun safe while working in the garden. If you are spending a lot of time in your garden, you need to know about this and take the right steps to ensure that you are safe.

Avoiding Sun Burn

One of the reasons why you need to stay sun safe while working in the garden is to avoid sun burn. Sun burn can be very painful and if you are not careful could result in more serious burns which require medical treatment. It is important to note that there are some people who suffer from sun burn faster than others and you need to know your own tolerance.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to stay safe and avoid sun burn. The first step you should take is to use sunscreen which is SPF 30 at least. This cream will block approximately 97% of the harmful UV rays that come from the sun. However, you do have to take the time to check if the sunscreen blocks both UVB and UVA rays.

Avoiding Skin Cancer

Another major reason why you need to be sun safe when working in the garden is to avoid skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by the UV rays that come with the sun. While sunscreen is a good preventative step, you need to take others as well.

One of the steps that you have to take is to look at the UV index for the day you want to work in the garden. If the index is higher than 3, you should limit the time you spend outside, preferably not working in your garden on these days. You also need to work in the shade when you can because sunscreen can only do so much.

There are a lot of people who feel that if they already have sun burn, they can skip the sunscreen. This will make your skin more susceptible to skin mutations such as skin cancer. When working in the garden you also need to take breaks outside of direct sunlight and wear clothing that offers UPF protection.

You should also regularly have your skin checked for cancer signs by a professional, especially as you get older. There are many skin cancer clinics like My Skin Centre in every city.

Avoiding Dehydration

Too much exposure to the sun can cause dehydration. This is due to the fact that the sun heats the body which causes you to sweat. The sweat depletes the amount of water in the body and this causes dehydration over time. The best step that you can take to avoid this is to remain hydrated.

You need to keep drinking water while you work in your garden. You should avoid sugary drinks as they will not provide you with the same level of hydration that water does. Keeping your bottle of water in a shaded area will also ensure that you drink more because no one wants to drink warm water when they are working in the garden.


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The Different Types Of Yard Fencing

Fencing in your yard is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. The privacy and security that a fence provides can’t be undervalued. With that said, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of fencing for your yard. Here’s a quick look at several different types of yard fencing typically supplied by contractors such as:

Wood Fencing

Wood is one of the most popular materials for fencing, and it’s easy to see why. A wooden fence provides plenty of privacy, and it can also keep a yard secure. If you have children or pets, a wooden fence can keep them from leaving your yard. Wood can also be painted, which means it can be customized to match your home. The downside to wood fencing is that it requires quite a bit of maintenance.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is known for its sleek and attractive appearance. While aluminum fences don’t provide the kind of privacy that other types of fencing options offer, they do provide some basic security. Aluminum fences also tend to be very durable.

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is a type of fencing that is made from Colorbond steel. People are often drawn to this type of fencing because of the wide array of colors it comes in. Currently, this fencing is available in more than a dozen colors. This type of fencing is extremely durable and doesn’t require much maintenance. It offers a great deal of value for the money.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing isn’t visually appealing. In fact, some neighborhoods actually ban chain link fences. However, these fences are durable, cheap, and secure. Because of the low cost, these fences are frequently used by schools.

Bamboo Fencing

If you want a fence with a unique look, why not try bamboo fencing? Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly fencing option that looks fantastic!

PVC Fencing

If you want to add a fence to your home, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you may want to look into PVC fencing. This is definitely one of the cheapest ways to fence your yard. PVC fences often look similar to wood fences. However, they aren’t nearly as durable as fences made from wood are.

Vinyl Fencing

If you want a fence that can withstand anything, vinyl may be the right material for you. Vinyl fencing is known for being extremely durable. It’s one of the strongest and most flexible fencing materials on the market. It’s also low-maintenance.

Wrought-Iron Fencing

If you primarily want a fence for aesthetic reasons, a wrought-iron fence might be your best bet. These beautiful iron fences can be shaped into all kinds of intricate designs. However, this intricacy comes at a price. Wrought-iron fences are among the most costly fences on the market.

As you can see, you have a lot of different fencing options. Now that you have a better understanding of yard fencing, you’ll be able to choose a material that is well-suited to your yard. You should be extremely happy with your new fence.

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Be Creative With Metal Garden Screens

The garden is where many off us find time to sit and relax, unwinding from the stress that is fast becoming a fact of life in the fast paces world of the 21st century. We are bombarded by information and financial stress is becoming just a fact of life for many. So when that opportunity to sit quietly in the garden presents itself most of us seize it gladly.

However, making the garden into a place where one can just relax can be challenging and most of us are always in search of new ways to make our gardens more attractive and tranquil. For many people this has led to exploring how metal garden screens can transform the garden – making it more beautiful and in some instances more private.

Metal garden screens are available in a variety of material. These can include aluminium, stainless steel and so called ‘CORTEN’ steel. CORTEN steel is one of the most popular materials because when exposed to the elements it develops a coating of rust which then does not progress to further degrade the material.

Using this material companies offer laser (or sometimes hand) cut designs which make the panels into an extremely attractive garden installation.

The first is to ensure privacy. For many people living in suburban developments the units are extremely close together making privacy a scarce commodity. By using CORTEN steel panels – either laser cut with attractive patterns of plain privacy is ensured when they are placed strategically.

There are also panels that can be fitted with plants pots. Choosing attractive floral arrangements using these panels ensures another surface that brings new possibilities as far as brightening the garden even further. These types of panels are especially useful in smaller gardens.

These panels can be used in a variety of ways. If placed onto a vertical surface such as a wall they make for an interesting and eye catching artistic installation. Panels with plain laser cut sections are also ideal for allowing creeping plants to grow over certain sections – the combination of plant and the panel also makes for an extremely interesting visual effect.

The use of these screens as fencing is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Even plain laser cut steel fencing from a company such as Glass Boundaries ( arranged in sequence can be tremendously attractive. however there are a myriad of patterns that can be chosen so the opportunity to really make a design statement based on individual tastes is a real possibility.

Larger panels can also be combined to create murals. In fact many companies can take a design supplied by the client and covert this into the panels – making a unique piece of art that will increase the aesthetic appeal of any garden.

The sheer number of different designs and finishes that are today available for those in search of metal screens or panels make them ideal for gardens of any size. The only real limitation as to how they are used is the imagination of the homeowner.

4 tips for having a balcony garden in your home

Not everyone is lucky to have a big yard in front of their house. But this shouldn’t deter you from making a garden. With some tips, you can create a wonderful balcony garden. Here are some tips for a balcony garden.

Consider weather conditions

You should be aware of the weather condition. You need to bring plants that are appropriate for a speciffic weather area. You can buy all your plants from the local plant shop. They usually don’t sell plants that are not suitable for the region or weather.

Have varieties

You should choose both annual and perinneal plants. You will get the opportunity to view plants throughout the year and also eat seasonal fruits.

Check out the light

You should know how many hours the plants have to stay under the sun. The light affects the plant’s growth. So, they must be adequate for the plants.

Type of container

The containers must be very attractive. You should consider the type of material it is made up of and the drainage facility, etc. Terra cotta is a good material and perfect for plant pots. You can have painted pots and those with ornamental decorations as well.

Like a normal garden, you need to check the condition of your soil and water the plants properly. You can add some chairs and a small coffee table as well in your balcony. You will have a wonderful experience seating in the balcony and watching the beautiful plants.